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EST. 2006

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EST. 2006

Established in June of 2006, Bobbique prides itself on serving the best Southern Barbecue on Long Island. Starting with high quality & always fresh cuts of pork, beef and poultry, delivered daily from the Hunts Point Meat Market in the Bronx.

Our Southern Pride Pit is fired with local hard and fruit woods and is capable of smoking up to 700 Ibs. of meat at a time. Together with low temperatures and the rotisserie action we are able to achieve the perfect smoke ring.

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The Process

Step 1

The Meats

Fresh and never frozen, Bobbique meats are always consistent on quality and taste. The meats are delivered from Hunt Points Terminal Market in New York City and cooked with grade "A" ingrediants in a Southern Pride Smoker. The methodology? "Low and slow." Some of the meats in the Bobbique repertoire are: Pulled Pork (fresh bone in pork butts), St. Louis Rib, Prime Brisket, and of course, Natural Chickens. 


Step 2

The Wood

All wood is sourced locally from landscapers and consist mainly of apple and cherry wood mixed with other hard woods. What effect does the wood have on the meat? The smoke from the wood adds to the smoky flavor (naturally) as the meat is slowly cooked for best quality. Cooking with natural wood results in a smoke ring around the meat.

Step 3

The Rub & the Spice

All meats are dry rubbed 24 hours in advance with house blend spices. This optimizes the flavor of the meat and creates a mouth watering experience. After the meat is cooked, the "bark" is formed. The bark of the meat is the result of sugars and the dry rub caramelizing from the heat in the smoker. All spices and barbecue sauce are gluten free.

Step 4

The Pit

All of Bobbique meats cook and self baste in a 700lb Rotisserie Smoker, dubbed "The Pit." The Pit was built by The Southern Pride Manufacturer. It has a black steel chamber that allows wood to smoke into the oven for a convection process yielding the perfect smoke ring.

Step 5

Eat the Meats

If you want to eat true authentic barbecue food, Bobbique brings the Memphis taste to New York. Indulge!